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Kakuro Kakuro
How to play Kakuro
Kakuro is similar to both sudoku and traditional crossword games.
Like a Crossword
Similar to crosswords, Kakuro has clues both across and down. When you put numbers in the vacant squares, the sum must equal the given clues. This is why the game is sometimes called 'cross sums'.
Like a Sudoku
Just like a sudoku, you cannot have the same number in a row or column. If a row is broken into 2 areas by a clue, then you can have the same number occuring once in each of the separate areas.
Other variations
Still looking for more puzzles? How about a variation on sudoku? Try Wordoku. Wordoku uses letters instead of numbers and has a hidden 9-letter word! For crossword puzzles, try Free Crossword PUzzles. 2 free crosswords (Easy, Hard) daily.

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Easy Kakuro for 30/December/2011

Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Talk about anything and everything, but nice to each other - you don't have to agree, but this is not the place for personal attacks. As Sir Paul McCartney said: 'I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird' (longer explanation). Enjoy!
Fell yesterday; still hurt.
Using a tablet; hard to type.
Normal easy.
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
Sorry to hear that, Wolf. I hope you are able to get better soon.

It usually takes me between 3-4 minutes to do the Easy level. Much of the time is taken up with clicking and re-clicking until I can get the proper number selected and the checkmark either on or off. Maybe I need a new mouse or maybe fresh batteries? But I'm not in a hurry.
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
I'm lefthanded but use the mouse with my right - I have the same selection issues. Things seem to be working again, but for a while there I wouldn't be able to switch numbers and they would repeat as candidates in a square after playing the game not even 5 minutes
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
sorry about your fall, Wolf - are you elderly??
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
Sorry to hear that, Wolf. I had a stool collapse under me last week (I shouldn't have stood on the rickety thing) and I sure was sore for a few days, but I'm just fine now. I hope you're recovery is as quick. I love using an arnica rub for that kind of injury.
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
molto divertente
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
Sorry to hear Wolf. get better soon. Good easy puzzle today. Some thought.
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
0:44 Hope you feel better soon Wolf. I'm left-handed too big John, but I use the right-handed mouse left-handed. Probably slows me down a bit.
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles
Hope you feel better soon, Wolf. Easy puzzle.
free kakuro puzzles | online kakuro puzzles

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